Personal Pumpkin Patch

I’m going to say something controversial here. Please don’t unfriend me for being honest — it has to be said.

I don’t like pumpkins.

I don’t like carving them. I don’t like eating them. The roasted seeds are like woody shards jabbing my gums. Pumpkin pie is my idea of dessert torture. Don’t get me started on the pumpkin spice latte.

But I have to admit they are darn cute (when they are little), and make a garden look cheery.

I have a smallish pumpkin left over from Halloween (I was supposed to carve this one…) and my friend Kris mentioned yesterday that I can cut the top off of it and turn it into a pumpkin-plant-producing planter.

You mean I don’t have to stick my hand in that slimy goo and rip its guts out? And I can bring vibrant, healthy new life out of it? Now that’s a pumpkin project I can get behind. It fits right into my personal motto of Create More, Consume Less.

Today, Indira and I got started on this project (with a little help from Perry).



Step 1

Cut the top off the pumpkin









Step 2

Fill it with as much potting soil as it can hold.










Step 3

Water it.










Step 4.

Hope the dogs don’t destroy it before the seedlings start to grow.



Stay tuned, I’ll be posting updates on our personal pumpkin patch!

4 thoughts on “Personal Pumpkin Patch

  1. I am with you on the pumpkin dislike – Maybe you need to be born American to like it – like baseball.
    I like the seeds, but prefer if they come in a bag all clean and peeled.

    Having the pumpkins as planters is an interesting idea – I will give it a try. Thanks.
    (Do you have a pic of Perry with his head inside a pumpkin?)

    1. Hahaha, I wish I had a pic of Perry with his head inside the pumpkin — that would be awesome. He really does manage to get into everything we do. Thankfully we like him a lot 🙂

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