Wanna Betta Butt?

Wanna Betta Butt?

You’d better believe I do.

I just bought these jeans at a local discount retailer. (For those of you who have never trolled the racks at Ross, you are missing out on some great deals on some great clothes. Send your inner snob for a chai latte and check it out.) There was a ton of these jeans, in different Wanna Betta Butt Jeanssizes and different styles. I took a few into the dressing room, not expecting much, and came out with a Betta Butt. No joke.

I chose the Triple-Button Skinny with the 3-inch waistband height (the jeans in the photo.)

For girls who are curvy in the booty like me, it’s hard to find a pair of jeans that nicely accentuates the derriere, without gaping at the waist or giving you an unflattering stomach pooch above the waistline. But these jeans are nicely curved through the bottom, and the extra-wide waistband holds the stomach in and shapes it. Hourglass figure, here I come.

These jeans are made by LA-based clothing maker YMI, and retail for $54 online. You can check out all the colors and styles here.

I think I paid $20 for mine at Ross. And I’ll be going back for another pair. But if they don’t have my size at Ross any more, I may just pay full price and order them online. Girl’s gotta have a betta butt.

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