Pallet Wood Christmas Trees

There’s something about the holidays that brings out our inner Martha Stewart.

Our homes are decorated top to bottom, there’s baking in the oven, and we feel like the Wonder Woman of the Yuletide. So that cool Christmas tree you saw on Pinterest? Of course we can make that. Bring it on!IMG_2287

My husband rounded up some discarded pallets from our neighborhood and prepared them for us, pulling out the nails, cutting them to the right lengths, sanding them and forming them into trees.

Then one morning this week, when everyone’s kids were at school, a few of us got together to get our craft on. We pooled our materialsP1070270 — milk paint, tempera paint, tissue paper, napkins, Mod Podge, buttons, wooden snowflakes and stars. It’s amazing the craft supplies we’ve all accumulated over the years!

The hardest part was deciding on our mix of paint colors and decorative paper. So we just dove in without much of a plan. Sometimes that’s the best way 🙂

Gluing the paper to the wood is fun and easy. You Mod Podge the wood, then lay a single ply of tissue on top. Then you MoP1070264d Podge over top of it. The Mod Podge can make the paper wrinkle, but we didn’t really care because we were going to sand it all anyway.

(For a great tutorial on how to use tissue paper and paper napkins to decorate furniture, check out this post.)

P1070265We mixed and blended the different types of paint until we all came up with colors and finishes we liked, sometimes painting over the wood several times until we’d mixed just the right shade (we are nothing if not particular.) We placed letter stickers, painted over them and lifted them off again to add text to our boards.

And once we all got to a place where we were satisfied with our creations, we Mod Podged over the whole thing to seal it all.P1070273

The next day, after everything was good and dry, came the sanding. My manly husband gave me some pointers, and then I got to work adding a little shabby-chic distressed finish to the wood.

Another coat of Mod Podge, some buttons and snowflakes, and it was done!

IMG_2300My little tree graces our patio by the front door, looking cheery and festive and reminding all who enter of the theme of our home at Christmas and throughout the year: Peace.

Noreen’s is in front of her house, and I’ll get a photo of Kris’s once she’s done too.

IMG_2301I love how we all used the same materials for our trees, but put our own personalities into them. Kind of like life — from the same raw materials, we form our own experiences and identities. And hopefully share Peace and Joy along the way.


**These pallet wood trees were inspired by this post from




2 thoughts on “Pallet Wood Christmas Trees

  1. Turned out great!!!
    all 3 of you are so creative
    Your husband and your son helped. William pulled all the nails and cut all the pieces on the miter saw and still has all his fingers

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