Relax, breathe and let go

Don’t skip over this video. It’s only a couple minutes long. It will be worth it, I promise.

Spend more time being, not doing.

Let me repeat that. Spend more time being, not doing.

I cannot imagine succeeding at this practice. I think there would have to be meditation involved. Or wine. But I would love to be able to embrace it. I know deep down in my soul this is the key to happiness — for both myself and my family.

I’ve already talked about my incessant need to accomplish, achieve and produce tangible results. I’m not happy unless things are moving and shaking in my life (you can read it here).

Many years ago, a pastor talked about how we are called human beings, not human doings. That really stuck with me. Not in a way that actually affected my behaviour, mind you. But I still think of it from time to time as I run around, trying to knock through items on my to-do list. Watching this video made me think of my daughters — what do I want their lives to look like? Do I want them to be under so much pressure ? Or do I want them to be still and just breathe?

A friend of mine asked me to make her a bracelet (see them here). People often choose an inspirational word, or maybe their kids’ initials. She asked for the word BE. She’s also a yoga instructor, so I think she’s already got this figured out.  Maybe I’ll make one for myself too. I think she’s on to something 😉

This is a mantra I will try to absorb deep in my soul: relax, breathe and let go. Peace.

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